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July Mom of the Month!

Erica is intelligent, beautiful, creative, tenacious and when we had our phone interview I felt comfortable as if I was chatting with a friend I’ve known for many years. Erica is truly a ‘what you see is what you get’ gal and I loved her openness about all the questions I asked during our interview. Erica has fun laughing and can even laugh at herself.

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“When Mama Deb entered my home, she was a face I knew on Facebook, a fellow London Lightning Basketball fan and someone who shared 2 mutual friends. When she left 2 hours later she was a dear friend! After basically raising a family and working since I was 14 years old, I thought I had this Work|Life|Balance down to an art, as I had many years of practicing to get it right. But after talking to Mama Deb I found that I was missing from the equation, that I had balanced everyone else’s life before mine. Now I ask myself the right questions before I say yes or no to what is being asked of me. I’m the one who holds the scales to balance my life! Thanks Mama Deb!”
B.B., London