Introducing Mama Deb's


March Mom of the Month!

Ok, this Mom had me in the interview when she said, “I truly had a watershed moment, when I saw that yellow butterfly I knew it was my future self!”. Whoa! How to describe Stephanie (and do some justice)…..Educated, informed, patient, loving, adaptable…this list could go on for pages!

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“Having met and hired “Mama Deb” to speak at our London Insurance Professionals Association meeting, I have to say that she was very energetic, upbeat and informative. Her encouragement and suggestions on how to figure out Work|Life|Balance in our daily lives, was so very valuable in that we don’t put ourselves on the back burner and we can become a better person.  She is an inspiring professional speaker and we would love to bring her “balancing” expertise to the Lioness of MD “A” Laugh and Learn Forum.”    
Rosemary Kennedy, LIPA