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jenn corbett-jansen

December Mom of the Month!

Mama Deb is very excited to introduce Jenn Corbett-Jansen as our December 2014 Mom of the Month!

Mama Deb absolutely loves how Jenn's faith is the center of all that she does and who she is. Jenn is the first one to tell you that she loves life. What admire about her is her openness to talk about how she has and still struggles with anxiety.

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“Dear Mama Deb, I can honestly say by just talking to you and having you to my home that you have helped me in so many ways.  It’s great to talk to someone who has been in your shoes and can give suggestions on how to figure out Work|Life|Balance so as Moms we don’t constantly put ourselves on the back burner. By not doing that we can become a better person/mother all around because you then don’t feel exhausted, have more patience and you are just happier which in turn is much better for our children. I know there is a lot of Mom groups out there but I was always shy to get out there. That is why I wanted to have a one on one session in my home with you.  I am hoping that Mama Deb will start a Moms group (willing to pay if Mama Deb would cook food!) so we can get out of the house, meet Moms, share recipes and things that just make life easier. Is this something you have time for Mama Deb? If not, maybe just start a group on your Mama Deb site that is specifically for Moms to talk? I just like being able to talk to you and realize I’m not alone with my “struggles”.  Thanks for everything Mama Deb”.