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October Mom of the Month!

Mama Deb is very excited to introduce Jenn Kelley as our October 2014 Mom of the Month!

Have you ever met someone whose disposition is simply just happy? That is Jenn Kelley. She lives and breathes the lyrics from the popular song Happy by Pharrell Williams!

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“Thanks to Deb, we were able to host a wonderful Arva Mill event at The Arva Flour Mill for the London Ontario Professional Networking Group.  With over 150 people attending, Deb had it well organized and everyone had an enjoyable time getting to know our mill stores,  having a closer look at our historic mill and networking with one another. The local food and drink was great from our local food suppliers. That’s what it’s all about; getting to know your community better and helping one another and having one to organize it all.  A great time was had by everyone.   If you need an event planned, MamaDeb can do it. Thanks a million Deb.”
Bill Fellner & Mike Matthews | Arva Flour Mill & The Arva MillHouse