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October Mom of the Month!

Mama Deb is very excited to introduce Jenn Kelley as our October 2014 Mom of the Month!

Have you ever met someone whose disposition is simply just happy? That is Jenn Kelley. She lives and breathes the lyrics from the popular song Happy by Pharrell Williams!

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“When Mama Deb entered my home, she was a face I knew on Facebook, a fellow London Lightning Basketball fan and someone who shared 2 mutual friends. When she left 2 hours later she was a dear friend! After basically raising a family and working since I was 14 years old, I thought I had this Work|Life|Balance down to an art, as I had many years of practicing to get it right. But after talking to Mama Deb I found that I was missing from the equation, that I had balanced everyone else’s life before mine. Now I ask myself the right questions before I say yes or no to what is being asked of me. I’m the one who holds the scales to balance my life! Thanks Mama Deb!”
B.B., London