Introducing Mama Deb's

Michelle Furtado

November Mom of the Month!

Ellie grew up being a victim to bullying in both elementary school and high school. Everything from the color of her skin, her hair, ethnicity (many thought she was Latino), it did not matter.

Upon reflection of that time in her life as a young girl those experiences have not only made her stronger, tenacious, independent and now a sought after speaker who can elude to how hurtful that was, but it did not define her and she has a careful eye over her little girls in knowing and teaching them about bullying. She is victorious not a victim!

Enjoy my interview with this powerhouse Mama from Montreal who descends from a Greek & Jamaican background!

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“Being featured as a Mom of the Month was a truly amazing experience. I was so incredibly flattered and shocked really to have been asked to participate and it really made me appreciate and celebrate the Mom that I am. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet all of the other Mom’s and share in their journeys. All of us have a story and it’s nice to be able to share, celebrate and bond over being Moms!!”

Courtney Hance